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Registrar's (ASA) Message

It is my humble duty to welcome you to KyU and affirm our commitment to providing quality education to qualified students. KyU has engaged qualified faculty and non- teaching staff to ensure all academic and welfare needs are met for our students. We pride ourselves in having evolved from a Technical training institute hence our values of ‘hands-on knowledge’ have moved with us in this new dispensation.

The Office of the Registrar, ASA has the responsibility to provide information to prospective students and the following to continuing students:

  • Undergraduate students’ admissions
  • Orientation of new Students
  • Management of student records
  • Supporting learning in the faculties
  • Preparation of Annual Academic Calendar
  • Evaluation of Credit transfer
  • Co-ordination of examinations processing and declaration of results
  • Preparation of academic transcripts and certificates
  • Graduation

In addition, we provide coordination of ceremonial functions and secretarial support to the Senate and its standing committees.

We provide extensive information both online and physical at the respective desks in the University. We have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and we welcome your queries and comments on these sites.

The office of the Registrar, ASA invites all qualified individual to browse this site for relevant Programmes ranging form Certificate courses to Post graduate degrees in various academic disciplines.

Join us in this journey to your dream career!

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