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Why Study at KyU

Kirinyaga University set in a welcoming and accessible forested environment, 1hr 30 min drive from Nairobi, is far enough to offer serene studying environment but close enough for convenience.  We offer market sensitive Programmes tailored to careers in IT, Health Science, Engineering, Business, Pure and Applied Sciences, Hospitality, Architecture and the Built Environment.

Our Programmes are benchmarked with the best in the world and curriculum delivery ICT driven. That our lecture notes are posted on e-learning platform 2 days to scheduled lectures encouraging our students to engage in enquiry based learning, self and team based open discussion in class, clearly set us apart from our competitors.
Our Students' participation in sports, politics and other extracurricular activities as well as community engagement develop them into well rounded functional members of societies. Our structured mentorship program and work-study program enhance care for the needy and overall integration into the KyU family. Our industrial placements provide the much needed link towards actualization of theory based teaching to real life market needs.

That students lecture attended are electronically tracked and reports given to students in timely manner enhances maximization of students lecture contact hence, eliminating the possibility of taking university exams without adequate preparations.  Students have uninterrupted Wi-Fi access in campus.
For first time visitor, the breath taking view of Mt. Kenya on clear sunny days and uninterrupted green carpet of Mwea rice field are additions to our exception beauty.
Come see, come appreciate, come and join and belong to this close knit family.

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